• A unique role play which educates


    Larp is a globally used form of role-play, the main benefit of which is an experience. Larp, however, is not only fun, but also way of learning. Educational larps are an excellent means of shaping young people's attitudes and values.

    A unique role play which educates
What is larp?

Game, experience, but also learning

Larp, or live action role-playing game, is a kind of action game in which participants physically portray their characters.

Decisions which shape attitudes

Through having conversations, interactions and acting improvisations, players develop a story in which their characters take part. Their own decisions are important in the story. But most importantly, larps, in addition to play and improvisation, they open up important topics for education, such as bullying, cyberbullying, prejudice and stereotypes, drug addiction and others.

What is larp?

Larp as a method

Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and maybe I'll remember. But let me try it and I will understand.


What are benefits of educational larps?

Larp is literally a learning by doing in which all students are actively involved. Through their decisions, they shape not only the direction of the story, but also their attitudes, values and opinions.

Everyone is important

All participants are fully involved, each has a clearly defined role. Everyone is equally important in the game, which strengthens trust and improves communication and classroom climate.

Everyone is active

The activities have a high degree of interaction and the participants are active co-creators of the story, taking responsibility for decisions of the characters and accepting the consequences.

A look from a different perspective

Each participant takes away their own experience - a new experience that affects their world-view - experiencing events from a different perspective than they are used to.

Safe environment

Participants can get into their characters and check out acting in situations they are unlikely to experience in their ordinary worlds.

reflection in cructial

Reflection is an important part of every activity - in it the awareness of context takes place along with the shaping of values and attitudes.

Following acitvities

Activity never ends once the time is over - after reflection, other activities can follow, which support the shaping of attitudes

Trusted by the facilitators

What teachers say about larps?

LARP as a role-playing game is also a popular educational method among teachers and youth workers. It is increasingly becoming part of formal and non-formal education.

About the project


LARP is widespread throughout the world. It is a method used by teachers and youth workers in many countries. We joined forces with some of them and, thanks to the Erasmus + program, we created methodological materials through which we want to introduce this role-playing game in Slovakia, Estonia and Czechia as well.


The project is implemented by the civic association V.I.A.C. - Institute for Youth Support and Development in cooperation with the Czech association Trendum and the Church Associated School in Tartu from Estonia. The main goal of the project is to shape the attitudes of young people through larps, especially in the area of tolerance for differences and in the area of decision-making on important issues in their lives and the subsequent bearing of the consequences of these decisions.

Educational larps are suitable for students aged 13 to 30. All materials and trainings are designed for teachers and youth workers in both formal and non-formal education.

About the project
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Do you want to form attitudes of your students and help them in their personal growth? Do you want to experience with them fun, which also educates? Contact us. We can come to you and show you the larp or we will introduce its methodology during the workshop. You will also become a member of our community and receive all useful materials and information.



Find out what larps are and how they work in both formal and non-formal educational environments.



Learn and gain practices such as larps to present, reflect and use in the education and training of young people.



Start using larps in and out of the classroom with complex support from methodological materials and our community



Measure and monitor the results that larps bring in your work with students and young people in shaping their attitudes

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